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Full Version: 50 WC LFC
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WC lvl 50 lf friendly international clan. Ingame nick - Godric (former member of Renegades academy and clan)

What will I provide:
- Friendly behavior, activity during any sort of clan daily tasking - RBs, exp parties, sieges, PVP
- I use TS3 with mic, my English is OK Big Grin
- I'm playing WC as a main character.(and it will be that way, at least in the near future)

pm me here or ingame :)
Prestige is a reroll..
So what? Cant people change the char or what? Big Grin people acting here like rerolling or changing the clan is kind of crime :)
(12-04-2016, 06:27 PM)zdravkolineage Wrote: [ -> ]Prestige is a reroll..

You are a living reroll.

Can close this thread to avoid spam, he found his clan.