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Full Version: Lf academy/clan
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Hi guys!

My name is Vinicius

I'm 17 (almost 18) and started playing the server recently. I'm from Brazil(GMT -2) and i can speak portuguese and english.

I've started playing here recently and I'm looking for academy/clan

For now i just created my spoil (griding) but i'm thinking to create a warlord as a main(in the same account of spoil) and some buffer in a box.

I'm doesn't talk alot but i'm good listener. Big Grin

in game spoil nickname: bewsted
Welcome on Dawn.

It is not hard to find a clan (aca) - just go to Giran & shout that you are looking for one. There is a brazilian clan and there are international clans as well. Depends on what suits you.

Or you can PM me later in the evening and I will make you a place in a quality clan if you wish.

Good luck.
Seja bem vindo mano... estamos com vĂ¡rios brs no servidor.. so manda pm.... fodeaporratoda ou hempinha... vlw..