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Full Version: 77 Dreadnought Looking for Clan
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Hello fellow L2Dawn players.

As posted my main is a level 77 Dreadnought. I've been on Dawn for awhile now and am currently looking for a new clan. Originally I was with Four Seasons however sadly they are now inactive. After taking a break for a month or so I came back and joined a clan which is very active on the server. After not playing for 5 days I logged back in to find myself kicked from the clan, no warning at all. Very disappointing

I am not a hardcore gamer (don't have the time) but do love the game. I play several nights a week for 1-2 hours a session. With me you'll have someone on board who likes helping other players reach their goals and working with a team. Obviously as a more casual gamer I am doing it to have fun and so am pretty easy going, meaning I have no interest in stress or drama, just kicking L2 ass.

Just to be upfront I can say now that I don't often use Team Speak and that I can't commit to being online during sieges as I often have other obligations at that time.

So if your clan is looking for someone who knows hot to be a team player let me know!

My main is Kurasawa, please just send me a message in game. Hope to talk soon!
PM Kieyra in game
Hey, Kurasawa! I am sorry to see you have slipt through the cleanse we had. There was a clan notice up for like 4 days to let everyone know to let us know if you can continue playing. It seems you missed it completely and that is unfortunate. It was nothing personal though.

I understand however that this might have felt like some kind of a betrayal by the clan or a let down but I am sure RealH has no problems inviting you back. We did have some fun in PI and Shrine of loyalty i remember and would personally be happy to see you return.

Anyways, wherever you decide to go - see you around! :)
Yeah, come back to us, man  FeelsBadMan
Who has 4S now? Is Laica back?