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  Happy Birthday SexyOrc
Posted by: L2Dawn - Today, 10:00 AM - Forum: - No Replies

Hi SexyOrc,

we wish you a Happy Birthday!

Best regards,

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  Shall ChinaTown stop the poll function of the forum?
Posted by: Solmyr - Today, 12:00 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

Let's stop all these polls, shall we?

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  Happy Birthday Jei
Posted by: L2Dawn - Yesterday, 10:00 AM - Forum: - No Replies

Hi Jei,

we wish you a Happy Birthday!

Best regards,

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  Eisit i Dawn 2 sezona?
Posted by: DjPlayBoy - 07-20-2018, 11:29 PM - Forum: Lithuanian - Replies (4)

Sveiki na laukiate 2 sezono? :)
Turetu buti labai geras , jau pirmas kiek sekiau buvo geras ilgas neblogu on sitas turetu dar daugiau sulaukti on :)
Kvieciu visus prisijungti i dawn 2 manau nenusivilsite kam patinka c6 ;)

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  Anti shitbuffing
Posted by: Quaak - 07-20-2018, 03:57 PM - Forum: Community Suggestions & Discussion - Replies (11)

I dont know about most of you, but i hate ppl that overbuff you with trash buffs in town just to grief you. At some point on dawn it took such epic proportions that it was almost constant to have resist poison and other trash on you when going for siege or other pvp/pve.

This problem didnt exist on later chronicles because you could click off buffs you didnt like. However i think that would be very time consuming to implement on interlude (@chinatown correct me if im wrong)

So, my suggestion is add a buff to the game (either by scroll or npc or even learnable by class) that when you have it on you prevents ppl from outside your party to give you buffs.
Im not sure but i guess that would be easy to implement, wouldnt break the game and overall would provide for a better experience.
Simultaneously we would need to make that buff not take a buffslot. (maybe make it a debuff like malaria?)

Ofc it wouldnt work on oly so you EE´s can still slow down fighters with POW

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  Olympiad start / Hero reward
Posted by: xSlayeRx - 07-20-2018, 03:02 PM - Forum: Community Suggestions & Discussion - Replies (21)


I know lately there have been dozen of different polls and ideas on the forum (some of them being totally ridiculous), so forgive me for making next one - but I believe this one is actually important and may have influence on server well-being or even its existence.
Of course as topic name suggest I want to discuss hero effect on the game and starting date of olympiad at server.

All of us know what kind of rewards character receives for obtaining a hero, but I will point them out again - especially in the context of server which was opened recently.
So lets assume there is a clan / CP that manages to make 9 heroes in first month of the server (which happens all the time on new Interlude projects). They receive following rewards:

1) Each of their 9 characters gets free S grade +3 weapon with SA and "aggument" ability (well its actually way more than that, but lets simplify it for now). Most popular are of course:
- 2handed mage blunt with WM abilty
- 1handed blunt for healers
- cancel stick
- 2handed sword for destros

These weapons not only give advantage on PvP but also greatly helps trains in FoG, farming RB and epics (Tezza, Antharas, Valakas), so clan can simply focus on crafting DB bows.
If we look it from perspective of other clan - to receive similar (but worse) effect they would have to craft 9 S weapons (with 60% chance it would be collecting materials and KM for 15 tries), get 13 lvl crystals and farm around 74kk of AA.
Of course that is just normal weapon with SA without any aguments, special effects or enchants. I mention all this because its quiet a lot of work compared weapons that hero gets for free.

2) Next reward - Hero skills. List include:
- Valor - buff which gives more P. Def. than Shield, Song of Earth and CoV - all COMBINED.
- Hero Silence (whatever its name was) - not only silences healers in Your ally, but also decrease P. Def.
- Hero Fear - in my opinion most broken / unbalanced skill that existed on Dawn 1.0. You can watch these movies to see what I mean:

You are not allowed to view links.Register or Login to view.
You are not allowed to view links.Register or Login to view.
- Hero Miracle - buff which allows hero to cast Fear and Silence without any problem.

3) Not scared yet? Lets talk about next one: 300.000 NGP hero reward.
So for each hero clan can get 4 or 5 (depending on point distribution) BEAS. Multiply it by 9 heroes and You get at least 36 BEAS - that's a lot of enchants to make IC Breastplate and Gaiters on +6 (and maybe even other parts).
With these enchants clan can make +6 IC set before second month of the server and have complete domination at open olympiad. Usually it results in same clan having over 20 heroes in second month of the server.

All these rewards are received by clan which already has dominant position on the server and significantly increase power gap between top clan and rest of server even further.


So why do I mention all of this and why should we care about it? Well in my opinion and from and what I have heard / seen on some other IL servers (Evoke, DN, Mordor - and some few older server) nothing good comes out of monopoly on heroes in one clan. Usually it results in one of these:
- dominant clan leaving server because of getting bored and having no competition
- second dominant side leaving server because of constantly loosing everything and not being able to catch up (or simply leaving server because of failing to achive hero monoply themselves)
- tons of casuals dropping the server - seeing as major clans are quitting.

This is why I started this topic - because I do not want Dawn 2.0 to end up the same way as these other IL servers and die out in 2-3 months.
To achieve this I would suggest community to consider following ideas:

1) Delay start of olympiad by 2-3 months. This option prevents dominating clans to quickly receive rewards I have already mentioned and gives time for casual clans to make their own nobles and open oly farming chars.
2) Nerfing hero rewards for several first months of server. Example ideas I came up with:
- reduce NGP hero reward
- remove BEAS / BEWS from oly manager shop
- increase cd for hero skills
- nerf hero fear land rate
- increase SSS / BSSS use for hero weapons for PvE

Basically its the same idea as disabling Zariche / Akamanah for first 2-3 weeks of server to prevent one clan having access to VoP / FoI while rest of server is between 60 - 70 (and very few chars at 78).


Now I can already predicts some comments and questions, so let me answer them in advance:

Q: "By delaying start of olympiad You do not guarantee one clan from getting monopoly for heroes".
A: There is no guarantee that this solution would prevent one clan from getting majority of heroes in first month of olympiad. In worst case scenario we will receive same situation as previous IL projects.
However is allows other (not dominating) clans to get higher number of nobles chars to make their own CB or make their own oly farmers.

Q: "Server will be way less competitive - some of best PvP are at first weeks of server, because every Cabrio / Barakiel / ToI RB counts".
Yes with this solution influence and competition for Cabrio / Barakiel / ToI RB at first weeks may be smaller. However keep in mind that Dawn is aiming to be long term project - so anyone who plan on staying for long will get many occasions to participate in PvP.
On the other hand if we start olympiad 2-3 months after server release then first olympiad period should be way more interesting / competitive than if we started oly from server start.

Q: "People who makes hero quickly deserve rewards - because of their dedication and hard work".
A: Yes heroes deserve rewards for their dedication. However I believe that retail rewards are way too much at server start. If community does not want to disable olympiad then we could consider lowering rewards - and increase (set them retail) them later on.

Q: "Even if You delay olympiad start top clans will still be dominating because instead of buying QI for nobless they will focus on crafting weapons S".
A: People will have to make nobles on their chars anyway (for healers and summoners). Even if big part of their funds go from Nobless QI to S weapon crafting - its still better than them having access to free hero weapons and many more.

Q: "There might be a good competition at olympiad even at first month of the servers and there might be heroes in two opposing sides".
A: From what I have seen on other servers - it does not happen. In theory - yes its possible. In practice its always one clan taking it all.

Q: "By delaying olympiad start top clans / CP will not join the server"
A: Why not? Dawn has very good reputation from its last edition and dedicated community of people that want to have long term server (regardless if they are winning at start of server or not).
I believe we can count on good online (for a EU server), so I am sure pros will be willing to join anyway.

Q: "If some clan leader wants to destroy server - he will do it anyway by creating unstoppable zerg"
A: Sure server can end by unbalanced politics - but clan with hero monopoly can also decide to make zerg and destroy server in process.

Q: "I want to have action and hard competition right from the start of the server. Good server is competitive one - not long lasting"
A: Well I am sorry but this is not what Dawn 1.0 was about. I understand that there are people who love start of the servers with hard competition for every Cabrio / Barakiel etc - nothing wrong with that.
However I believe Dawn was project which aimed mostly for its long longevity. Competition at first month is only small factor if we want to have server which will last over 1 year.

Q: "China said they are aiming for retail experience"
A: It is a reasonable request to ask GM team to disable Zariche / Akahmanah at first weeks of server - and this is a standard for priv servers.
I have presented idea which will only go against "idea of server being retail" at first few months - and then become fully retail later on.

Q: "Hero monopoly does not have any influence on server longevity - servers die out for other reasons"
A: Alright please explain Your perspective why most of IL servers die in 2-3 months after start of server.

Q: "You are just jealous that some people know how to play game and can achieve something while You can't"
A: Well I have decided to join Dawn 1.0 when it was already over 1 year old. First thing I saw running to Orc vilidge were people with flashlights and light sabers everywhere running to monument.
I also know for a fact that I will be having little time playing in first months of Dawn 2.0 - but I will join anyway. So no - I am not jealous of someone having better gear than me.
What I simply want to try to achieve is preventing Dawn 2.0 from ending up same way as other IL projects.

Q: "Get Your retarded idea out this forum"
A: By writing this wall of text I believe I have given solid arguments why this could positively influence the server. If You think otherwise then explain Your arguments.

PS. No matter the community decision I would like to ask GM team to present details of Hero Fear spell formula.
By presenting two movies above I believe I have proved how ridiculous it was on Dawn 1.0, so at least what I would like to receive is:
- information if character M. Def has any influence on Hero Fear land rate
- does any buff (Valor, Mental Shield, Chant of Spirit, Arcane Protection, Symbol of Resistance etc.) increase resistance to Hero Fear (if I remember correctly both normal fear spell and Hero Fear were introduced at C5 - so after Mental Shield, Chant of Spirit and Arcane Protection - so I have valid doubts if these spells have any effect on Hero Fear land rate).

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  [Guide] Exp lvl guide
Posted by: Athos - 07-20-2018, 01:35 PM - Forum: Game Guides and Tutorials - No Replies

Level 20-27

You can go the route of Abandoned Camp located near the town of Gludin, or you can go outside of Dion where you will find Monster Eye Searchers and Enku Orc Champions. Now they may be a little tough at first, but be careful, the Orcs are aggressive and the Eyes have a ranged attack. This is the boring part. You will find out grinding is an essential part of this game. When the Eyes finally turn light blue to you, you are ready to go to a new spot.

Level 27-35

Now the next spot is just North of Giran in a place called Breka Stronghold. Killing the Breka Shamans, Breka Warriors, and Breka Overlords might seem like genocide to some Orc classes, but hey, it's a living. You won’t be here for long, just enough to get you to one of my favorite spots, still north of Giran but is at the very top of a place called Death Pass.

Level 35-40

You’ll be looking for the monsters called Fettered Souls. (Disclaimer: These places are all about the speed of kills and the amount of xp you will receive, I am not including pole groups, because this is for the solo players out there.) Be forewarned the Grandis are aggressive, you can kill them too, but you don’t get as much bang for your buck. Same with the Windsus.

Level 40-52

Our next little adventure is Alligator Island, just north of the port you will find... that’s right, Alligators, and some Crokian Lads and Dailaon Lads. Start killing. After you get a respectable amount of XP here you will be going a little more north where you will find Crokian Lad Warriors kill these until you are B Grade.

Level 52-58

Now it’s time for Enchanted Valley. First you start off on the lower levels, killing Satyrs, Unicorns, and the like, when you feel more comfortable you can more on to the upper level killing the elders of said monsters.

Level 58-61

Next up is The Forsaken Plains. You will want to look for monsters usually found in the northern part of forsaken plains called Fallen Orc Captain, Sharp Talon Tiger, and Fallen Orc Shamans. Some of the Shamans will transform after the first hit into Sharp Talon Tigers, you might want to retarget just in case. The Sharp Talon Tigers are social, (same with the transformed Shamans) if there are other Tigers near they will come after you. Tigers and Captains are aggressive.

Level 61-72

I have found that hunting near Devastated Castle just outside of Aden is challenging, but worth it. You’ll want to start off with the Doom Guards and Grave Predators, eventually as your level progresses you will want to move up to Doom Warriors and Doom Knights, these monsters stun, so be careful.

Level 72-79 or 80

Silent Valley, do not let the name fool you, this place is packed sometimes. Finding a spot could be difficult. The monsters right off the port are the ones you want to start killing: Chimera Piece and Soldiers of Ancient Time. Again, as your level gets higher you move further down the Valley, where you will find the monsters called: Shaman of Ancient Time, Warrior of Ancient Time, Non-Existent Man, and Giant’s Shadow. I say this to level eighty because the monsters still give good xp for your level. Well now that you are in S Grade, you might think that it is almost over, but you would be wrong, going to seventy six to eighty five is a road just about as long as the one I just put you through, but that is another guide. Enjoy and Have Fun!

Source: Lineage2 Forum

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  [Guide] Catacombs and Necropolis
Posted by: Athos - 07-20-2018, 01:32 PM - Forum: Game Guides and Tutorials - No Replies

Necropolis of Sacrifice: level 20~30 monsters appear and it is located on the southern seashore of the Gludio Territory.

Pilgrims Necropolis: level 30~40 monsters appear and it is located near the Partisan's Hideaway in Dion Territory.

Worshipers Necropolis: level 40~50 monsters appear and it is located near the Alligator Island in the Innadril Territory.

Patriots Necropolis: level 50~60 monsters appear and it is located above the Gludio Castle in the Gludio Territory.

Necropilis of Devotion: (Formerly Ascetics) level 60~70 monsters appear and it is located near the Altar of Rites in the Oren Territory.

Necropolis of Martyrdom: level 60~70 monsters appear and it is located near the Giran Castle in the Giran Territory.

Saints Necropolis: level 70~80 monsters appear and it is located near the Field of Whispers in the Innadril Territory.

Disciples Necropolis: level 70~80 monsters appear and it is located near the Devastated Castle in the Aden Territory. From here, the players can move to the place where Anakim or Lilith appear, based on the ownership of the Seals.

Heretics Catacomb: level 30~40 monsters appear and it is located near the Execution Ground in the Dion Territory.

Catacomb of the Branded: level 40~50 monsters appear and it is located near the Giran Port in the Giran Territory.

Catacomb of the Apostate: level 50~60 monsters appear and it is located near the Plains of the Lizardmen in the Oren Territory.

Catacomb of the Witch: level 60~70 monsters appear and it is located near the Forest of Mirrors in the Aden Territory.

Catacomb of Dark Omens: level 70~80 monsters appear and it is located near the Dark Elven Village in the Oren Territory.

Catacomb of the Forbidden Path: level 70~80 monsters appear and it is located near the Hunters Village in the Aden Territory.

Source: IGN L2 Wiki's

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  [Guide] Spoiler areas & Mobs
Posted by: Athos - 07-20-2018, 01:27 PM - Forum: Game Guides and Tutorials - Replies (10)

[Image: L2_Spoil_guide-1.jpg]

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  Happy Birthday DutyFree
Posted by: L2Dawn - 07-20-2018, 10:00 AM - Forum: - No Replies

Hi DutyFree,

we wish you a Happy Birthday!

Best regards,

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