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  Heal Power
Posted by: Lulow - 1 hour ago - Forum: Game Guides and Tutorials - Replies (13)

Some people mentioned in different threads that in L2dawn heals were much more influenced by M.Atk that they must have been according to retail. Therefore I prepared a test to see which parameters influence heal power and in what way. All tests has been done with a Bishop lvl 80 with all skills learned with some exceptions (it will be mentioned when not).

Let's see right at the beginning the raw influence of M.Atk. on different heals (checked on every heal type - except ofc % based heal - that Bishop has). I found that the increasing M.Atk acts not as a multiplier to heal power, but adds a specific value to it, independently from its power.

[Image: fvWljZ3.jpg]

It means, that e.g. if you have ~2400 M.Atk for all type of heal skills you use it will give 50 extra point. There I give you some examples what that means:
Heal: 301 => 351
Greater Battle Heal: 858 => 908
Major heal: 946 => 996

In my opinion it's not much. There are however other way's how M.Atk influences heal power and those parameters cannot be defined this easily.

In the next session let's see how M.Atk influences the Spiritshot and Blessed Spiritshot's effect on heal power for the skill "Greater heal".

[Image: AkhzGmu.jpg]

M.Atk in here is already behaves as multiplier giving extra %-s in heal and not extra points. As you can see both SPS and BSPS behaves the same way just with different efficiency. With <250 M.Atk. they are pretty useless, but once you reached that value it's worth to go on and increase your Bishop's M.Atk. up until 850. Above 850 M.Atk. the heals still increases but at a very low rate. You can say that above that the effect of using BSPS is like 42% extra heal. I'd say it's not worth to invest much money for Bishop's gear unless you are a maximalist.

Next let's see the same with the skill "Major heal".

[Image: 0yyB0Ra.jpg]

The diagram shows that the trend of change is the same. The most significant increase in heal can be experienced between 250 and 850 M.Atk. Here however using BSPS means only ~32% extra heal power above that.

Next let's see the same with the skill "Heal".

[Image: fUeCQA0.jpg]

The skill "Heal" follows a different formula there is not that range of M.Atk (as it was 250-850 before) in which the using of spiritshot causes a drastical increase in heal power (at least between 150-2000 M.Atk range in which i did my experiments). In the meanwhile the higher M.Atk means a slow but steady increase of Heal Power.

I also tried the skill "Heal" on a newbie character (just got lvl 9 after killing lvl 1 keltir) having "Heal 3"

[Image: GPmCdkG.jpg]

As you can see for this character using spiritshots means much more benefit than for the character lvl 80. It refers to a dependence of BSPS efficiency also on either the character lvl or skill lvl. I didn't test it as it would have taken too much time with these beta settings. You are free to try thou.

One more thing regarding heal that is good to know is how epic jewels increase heal.
-First of all: for those who didn't know: epic's increase the heal RECIEVED, not the heal GIVEN.
-Secondly: Having a second epic jewel that increses heal power will count the heal power you had with the first epic equipped as base. To make it easeier to understand let's take an example: Equipping an Anthy earring when you already have a Zaken gives not 10% extra heal, but 11% (Zaken = 100*1,1=110% ; Anthy + Zaken = 100*1,1*1,1 =121%).

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  Phantom summoner
Posted by: Mertian - 7 hours ago - Forum: Game Guides and Tutorials - Replies (2)

Anyone who knows how to play it? Anyone who can give some advices?
(No troll)

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  Happy Birthday anderkiu
Posted by: L2Dawn - Yesterday, 10:00 AM - Forum: - No Replies

Hi anderkiu,

we wish you a Happy Birthday!

Best regards,

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  Happy Birthday cristen12
Posted by: L2Dawn - Yesterday, 10:00 AM - Forum: - No Replies

Hi cristen12,

we wish you a Happy Birthday!

Best regards,

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  Boxing policy
Posted by: ChinaTown - Yesterday, 01:22 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (101)


Even though it was said several times before, seeing that this still causes debate, we would like to make a final and official announcement regarding the boxing policy. 

The boxing policy on Dawn 2.0 will be exactly the same as it was on Dawn 1.0. That is 1+1 / PERSON. 

The reasons for this are the following:

  1. It acts as a solution for solo players and those playing in small 2-3 people family groups. It contributes to the planning phase as well, when players have to make choices on what they are going to use as their box, this is especially relevant when trying to match the needs of a team/ group. 
  2. Despite rendering the game slightly easier and more manageable, it doesn't completely eliminate the need for active support, so there is space for players to main those classes. And on Dawn 1 we had such occasions when players were playing as support characters. 
  3. This keeps BDs and SWS in-game and makes them more then some brain dead party train units. 
  4. This still encourages party-making and grouping. Iit also makes party matching help you try find a player that could complete your buff chain, if needed.
  5. This proved to work on Dawn 1. 
  6. L2Dawn is not a Snake game where having the longest tail possible is the goal.
[Image: 6ozdqnw.gif?itok=nVjOsoX_]

Here are some answers to some concerns:

Q: I have a family member / friend playing with me under the same roof, so we won't be able to play?
A: You will be able to play, however you might need to ask the GM to lift the limitation for your place, which usually is done nearly instantly. 

Q: How are you going to be able to ensure that everybody is following the rules?
A: By being very active, like on Dawn 1 and using all the new technology available to us as well as the community reports. 

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Posted by: Re5pect - 09-18-2018, 07:54 PM - Forum: Clans and Alliances - No Replies


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  Happy Birthday mryczol98
Posted by: L2Dawn - 09-18-2018, 10:00 AM - Forum: - No Replies

Hi mryczol98,

we wish you a Happy Birthday!

Best regards,

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  Happy Birthday mousa
Posted by: L2Dawn - 09-17-2018, 10:00 AM - Forum: - No Replies

Hi mousa,

we wish you a Happy Birthday!

Best regards,

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Question To ChinaTown
Posted by: oldskool - 09-16-2018, 10:55 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

ChinaTown Wrote:However, even if I was given a team of 200 Koreans to help me I would still not change my mind. L2Dawn has impacted my life in so many ways and I think it is now time to move on and use the gained knowledge and experience on something bigger. Whenever I do something, I like to ask myself if the juice is worth the squeeze - and I feel like the answer this time is not only a no, but also that all the juice has been already squeezed out. I just don't feel L2Dawn will be able to satisfy my thirst for knowledge and experience anymore.
I want to ask your reasons for returning to resurrect Dawn. Do you believe there is more knowledge and experience to be gained now? Is it for the love of god? Is it for financial gains? I'm looking for some honest answers as it seems weird after saying all you had said in your farewell letter.
I'm leaving a small possibility that there are still saints in this world, but I stopped believing in fairies long ago.

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Exclamation Drama makers - CLAN on Dawn
Posted by: Crystallise - 09-16-2018, 08:59 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (8)

I founded this topic to end speculations about clans that give up playing on l2dawn, someone specifically persuades people and lies that all clans / cp go away from l2dawn and go to another server.
Please enter the name of clans (number of cps) / solo CPs who are coming to l2dawn server, let's not be fooled by rumors.
Dont spam, let this also be a promotional post for clans who are thinking of coming here.
Thank you.

Clan: Homophobia 
Leader: Crystallise

Core CP: KTP const
Number of CP: 4

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