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Event: Quiz [04.02.2017]
[Image: Shot00207.jpg]

Quiz event:

When: Saturday 04.02.2017, 15:00 (GMT+1)
Where: Fantasy Island scene
Organizer: Pinng
Rounds: 10

I will throw a small quiz event this upcoming saturday. Meet me on the scene at Fantasy Island and throw rotten tomatoes at me while I read out the questions. 
The rules are simple: First correct answer to each question wins the round!
The answer SHOULD be correctly spelled, but tiny misspellings because of speedy typing will be accepted, for instance "Linaege 2" instead of "Lineage 2".
See you there!

The winner of each round will receive:
[Image: image.png]
5 Champion Coins
I will work Sad But Good luck and have fun for the others ;))
Sounds good.
[Image: kD28fki.png]
(02-02-2017, 11:20 PM)IPlayHandball(D) Wrote: I will work Sad But Good luck and have fun for the others ;))

yeaa sure
Postponed until 18:00.
[Image: Shot00217.jpg]

[Image: Shot00219.jpg]

Questions: (and answers)

How many mob-infested mines is it in the dwarven starter area? (3) Winner: Torpedo

What is the P.Atk on the Forest Bow and how many soulshots does it use? (49, 7) Winner: Analizator

The world has 3 major towers. Name them all. (ivory, insolence, cruma) Winner: Hydraulik

In Interlude, how many class changes is available for dwarfs? (6) Winner: Hydraulik

What is the name of the gatekeeper in Hunters Village (Esmeralda) Winner: Elerien

How many cursed weapons is it in Interlude and what is their full names? (Zariche, Akamanah) Winner: Analizator

How many places does Master Toma teleport between? (3) Winner: Elerien

Name 2 of the names on the NPCs it's possible to bet on in the Monster Derby Track.
(A lot of answers) Winner: Xandor, MiniMorris

What is the penalty you must wait to join a new clan after leaving one? (1 day/24 hours) Winner: SokZMalin

What is your opinion about L2Dawn?

Eppie: "The craziest server ever!"
dereki: "You don't have to pay but you have to play!"
Yorg: "Cool server, low Pinng"
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6zzzzzzzzzz
What are the 3 mines btw? Abandoned Coal Mine, Mithril Mine and .. ???
Strip tease
Maybe next time a knowledge quiz? It would be fun.
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