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Looking for friends [PS4 EU]
As a Playstation trophy hunter I would like some new friends to play with and to catch those shiny trophies together. I play all kinds of games.
If you live in Europe and play a lot of Playstation like me, add Pinng and write "L2Dawn" in the friend request message.
PC master race brah :)

z170-Intel 6600k-4.2ghz/ 32gb ram/Radeon 480/ Dell 23" :)))))

IF the playstation games was cheaper, like 10-20euro max, i would buy ps4.. But 60-70 euro per game ( 10-15 hours gameplay) no way..
I bought both consoles of the previous generation (xbox 360 2 times) and I never enjoyed playing anything on consoles except for soccer. PC master FTW indeed.
I enjoy both PC and PS. Both have different games with different appeals and I like to try them all.
It's true that console games tend to be more expensive though. Pro tip; wait to purchase them until they're on sale. I barely buy any games at release, the last 2 was GTA V and Fallout 4.

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