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Returning player LF home
Hello there. I played here in 2015 for a few months and due to work issues I had to stop. I am not a hardcore player but I have experience from retail servers(2005-2010).
My character is a 67 level warlock. I would like to join a clan with mature and calm people like myself. I don't mind if there are wars or not. I will try to attend any big events if my schedule allows it.
In game name: Perclo
I would prefer forum messages

P.s. I am old!

We are the Heretics, clan lvl 8 with CH in Goddard. We have a friendly and mature community, we do daily RB's, pve and pvp, attend to epics(we have wars). We're also using TS to communicate with each other.
If you are interested just pm me in game :)

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