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Old-new here
Played here looong time ago having fun :) ,  I decided to start again from 0 so I am looking for clan cuz playing solo is not for me .
If any clan is interested in recruting an optimistic,experienced l2 player please message me as I am making new char I can do any class so call what u will need support,dd,tank,spoil ,whatever ; )
I am looking for english or polish speaking clan (yes I am from Poland 21y old) I m not nolifer so dont expect me to play all day long.. usually i play at evenings about 2h per day ofc if siege or rb I can stay longer but if I will have a busy day i might be off a whole day ; < and right now i dont have mic for TS but i can still be on listen ;)

Regards ; - )
Hi there!

Welcome back :)

Try to contact yiujinn / healy / folk / iska in game. Clan resistance is very friendly and also has many new guys so u dont have to play alone.


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