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Black Rose shall bloom again
Hello, i am going to play main Shillen Elder. Ive played like 7 years in my life before and im looking now for clan to not play solo. However, i dont want to play so "tryhardish" like before. Sure i want to help, to do some pvp.. but not all the time. Time when i lost much nerves, and took it that serious are over. So iam looking for clan that would accept me just as its part.

I wont join every pvp, maybe not log in every castle siege. I just want this game to be a little addon to life, not a main part of it. Still i can be online for long time if its fun. Still i will join some fights.

By my experience now iam looking for clan that wont force me to "sit" on TS, even only on listening. Its just because iam not really into that kind of "radio" play again. I wish to play with my music and chill.

Maybe i wont be your perfect pvp soldier, what you might expect, but still i can be valuable and nice person.


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Welcome little dark elf, friend of dorfies :)
Hello, Painful Kiss, and welcome!

Hope you enjoy this server, If you would like chill, friendly clan, you can join forces of Resistance!
We welcome all kinds of players!

For more information check this thread:

Good luck and see you in game !
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For Resistance!  Rolleyes

Thank You! *bows with natural grace*


I move my butt to the UK this week so i will respond a little later. Finally i have found interlude low rate without npc buffer, and people with a bit same taste.
ME and my few friends have started here not long ago too and we love it here.
Community is great, clans are friendly, I hope you like it here!
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For Resistance!  Rolleyes

Come and give a look at our recruiting thread:

We're open to both pvp-committed players and to more casual and friendly social/ones. We have quite a nice and active clan chat, so I'm sure you'd fit well! I, myself, started playing here just a couple months ago and I msotly play from work so no TS, and have found myself at home here.

Regardless of your ultimate clan choice, good luck and have fun on Dawn!
Forgive me my dears, but as i came to new country and still looking for work and flat to rent i am not really online. I will respond when all will be a bit more stable :*
Hope you find job soon, good luck!
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For Resistance!  Rolleyes


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