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Just started LF neutral clan or group
Hi there, after a looooooong break of almost six years, found this gem and decided to come back to L2 again.
So im looking for a neutral or semipvp clan or group of ppl to play with, why? no need stress anymore i want to play relaxed ,chit chat with clannies, help in any way u know what i mean,
My last server was C1 low rate back in 2010/11, 30 ppl server so there where no market so we where sharing mats, keys,etc,it was a really amazing experience in terms of interaction with players and everybody in the server ended up happy whit full lvl and full B grade, so i want to repeat almost the same here.
Im very old school player so i need a clan w/o voice communication programs requerimments, i will have a decent online playtime 6  hours or maybe more , got a wanderful job, work in my office at home,i started my little and cute female spoiler Frankerz , but i can play whatever class is needed for strategical purposes.
Hello there and welcome on server :)
If u still dont found any clan Malkavian is neutral clan and we will be glad to get u in ouer group of ppl.
Try contact in game: Glerokh, naldis, SQAD or w00z :)
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Hello Coconuts, and welcome to the server :)
Community, players, here are great, I started here not long ago too, like 1 month. And I'm Loving it!
If you need any help, or chat you can PM  "L4vion in game, if im online ill be more than happy to help you.

If you're still looking for clan, you can check Resistance clan too. I joined it since I started playing here, and I never want to leave.
Very friendly people, we share armors, weapons, materials too, helping each other always so you'll never feel alone.

For more Resistance informacion, or if you'd like to join you can PM any of our members :

"Yiujinn , "Healy , "Paquillo , "Folk.

Hope you find best times here too !
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For Resistance!  Rolleyes


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