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Rates discussion
As announced on the new video by ChinaTown rates will be 1x.

UPDATE: there is official poll about the rates made by ChinaTown go vote there

IMHO when making that decision few things might have been missed or not gave too much attention to:
1. The gap between organized nolifing CPs and casual players will become too great. While on 5x you can catch up in 2-5 weeks on 1x you will not have the chance to do it.  Some casuals will quit after getting rekt on the first siege by fewer ppl with ~15-20 levels gap. Many CPs will quit because its too hard to gain their goals and these guys are used to fast results.

2. Most of the l2 players are over 26-28 years old. Most of them have work and family. While they can spend only few hours per week the gap between them and their clanies will be too great and they will be forced to solo and eventually quit.

3. By my experience and observations 1x never managed to get into "long term" projects. People getting demotivated by the huge amount of grinding.

4. You (the staff) will have much more work in terms of observing/banning botters and if you do not ban all the bots your server will die very fast. Nobody wants to compete against machines. 1x will make even hardcore players to think about bot.

5. Possible lower population due to the unattractive rates. I was waiting for l2dawn 2.0 with excitement but now i am not very sure if will start at all.

PS: IMHO somewhere between 3-5x is the best.

Some good quotes:

(07-16-2018, 12:48 AM)xSlayeRx Wrote: Here are reasons why I believe x1 rates are terrible idea.

1) In my opinion nobody will be willing to join x1 server on its later stage (when server is already online foir 2 months, half year etc).
At this rates You need to play right from the start with the server, otherwise You will be acting just as a punching bag for several months.
On higher rates (x3 or x5) You can reach S grades in two months playing absolutely casually or without any organized CP - and join PvP for epics and castle sieges.
I wonder how many months it would take casual player to get S grade weapon on x1 server? And please don't start arguments that some 60 C grade char can tank 2 hits and change fate of battle for Baium or something...

2) The only logical way to play on this type of rates is as organized CP - because with smart gameplay (as destro or mage CP) You can actually see progress on Your chars lvl, better buffs, gear etc.
Majority of causal players who play main char + buff box will drop server before reaching lvl 60 or shortly after. With poor money management they may even got problems with money for D grades or teleports.

3) Lower rates gives advantage to organized CP / Clans. Of course with better organization, access to full buff, earlier access to better farming spots (examples can go on forever) - CP groups will be lvling and gearing up way faster than casual players.
Difference between casual players and organized CP is not represented by linear function, but rather a exponential function (I am not sure if I named it correctly) because every single advantage CP has adds up.
Ask Yourself - how many AQ / Baiums / Antharas will be killed by top clans / CP, before casual players will reach their 3rd profession?

4) People are no longer in high school - only people who got time for intensive gaming for prolonged period of time are people who make money out of this game.
Lets be honest, if You ask people what is the best part of L2 then 99% will replay "mass PvP" or "Olympiad" - so for majority of people farming for S grade / nobless is just an unpleasant chore before reaching good part of game.

5) Old days when people were enjoying game on every level, spending time sightseeing, knowing the game and even making low lvl pvp - are over.
People know this game too well, and have started on too many servers by now - main objective is reaching end game (and as mentioned in previous point - good part) as soon as possible.
By setting rates to x1 You only discourage big part of players from starting at all, because You prolong time when players actually start to enjoy the game.

6) I do not understand why some people are worried about economy of the server. On Dawn 1.0 You were able to buy Zaken Earring on market for adena, even after server was over year old.
There are many mechanisms in game which soak in adena, making it reliable trading source for long period of time - Penalty Scrolls, Spirit Ore (for WC / EE / Bish skills), augmenting S grade weapons, Cry 10 from grocery and many more.

7) As I have already mentioned - in other topic (about rates poll) x3 rates have won easily by majority of votes. Less than 10% of people voted for x1 rates.
I know its China's and GM team server, but with x1 rates decision You are going up against majority of Your community.

8) Even with Dawns good reputation - there is never a guarantee how longer server will last.
If I was going to start server by myself (playing main + char), had to spend several months to reach end game and all this time had absolutely no guarantee of server future - then I would think 5 times before starting.
Stop this.
[Image: kD28fki.png]
cry cry cry
@solmyr There were discussion on discord already. And I'll repeat my statements here. I Agree what you said. Lvl gap between cps and casuals will increase. I was really dissapointed about x1 rates. Its a heaven for bot users. I think that idea of 1x came from administration who won't even participate in lvling progress. I assume they will just monitor bots and administrate the server. I would really like them to listen to the community and increase rates. x3 looks optimal for "long time project". So sad that community that created l2 dawn 1.0 will split on x1 project.
I support x3 rates.
x3 pettition list: Me, PattyCakes, Lerex, Mirine, Jiren, Lasto, Starset, Solmyr, ytr, Alyx / Angelicat, Hardyy, Arra, xSlayeRx, HazelEyez, Ketipov
Sorry didn`t know about that discussion. Don`t use discord (maybe i should).
Mostly whole discord was shooked except brood,phirix and dzban, the rest was negative about that or didnt say their thoughts
imo x3 is the best compromise and shouldn't scare even casual ppl away
I am also up for x3 rates, on x1 people are forced to play in CPs, otherwise they won't stand a chance soloing which is like suicide with these rates, gap between solo/casual clans and cps will be only higher.
Why not everyone go play casual and enjoy the game like admin in video said? what with that rush? enjoy the game, relax. ;)
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I would be in favour of x3 rates - x1 is too time consuming for people with regular work

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