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What do sheep want to say when they "baa"?
If you listen long enough you'll notice variations in sound and tone, and speed.

There is bah, high pitched and fast or slow. Bah low pitched. Brah usually low and slow. There is a call mothers make to their babies that seems to mean You are MY baby. There is the answer made by the baby. There is the wub wub wub sound made by rams.

What do they mean? Depends on the sound and circumstances

I found food


I'm excited hot mama

I'm lost

We are over here

Hey somebody is missing their baby.

The list goes on.

Charles Yates, Have a herd of about 220 hair sheep
Looks like he finally completely lost it.
Ask Akalyptos hes a professional on this topic
(07-20-2018, 11:26 AM)Dansken Wrote: Ask Akalyptos hes a professional on this topic
His expertise and experience with livestock is truly amazing. I know it.
But also it's in his blood, since he is a greek.
He would be the first person i ask advice about this topic.


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