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Looking for clan

LF international or PL/international clan.

I have long experience in L2 (started around 2007... feels like yesterday). Was playing on old Dawn but personal life got in a way and had to stop around 65lvl - pity. Since Dawn feels and proved to be long run project I will once again jump into the abyss.

I will be playing Spoil or DD main. More casual than hardcore ~4h per day monday-friday and all or none weekend (depending on my location - work on saturday or fience :) )

Long live Dawn! Beer
Welcome. I invite you to read my post.
Kieyra Bowborn of the House Proland, First of Her Name, the Uncaught, Queen of the Moonlight Sentinels and the First Archers, Empress of the Disciples, Breaker of Winds, and Mother of Outlaws.
up up up
:) Hey Orisai Welcome
Clan: Blood Pledge



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