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Voting system suggestion
Hey guys. I've been playing on l2tales lately. They have nice voting reward on their server.
If you vote on l2topzone you can write .vote in game and recieve voting rune +5% p def/m def/atk spd/cast spd/mov spd for 12h.
And you can vote every 12h to constantly have the rune. It's not hard and don't riun balance much, but it's surely more comfy to play with rune.
I think it would be nice to have one too.

ps. And China, as many ppl ask you, please, cut destro farm with spear. Ty!
Although I think voting system is very important which is why I mentioned it couple of times, it was discarded and will not be used. For some reason anyway...
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For the same reason Dawn 1 didn't have a voting system with rewards. It doesn't feel right to buy votes. Besides voting sites have become obsolete. Forums, social media and youtube/twitch are far more important.
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