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L2Dawn Beta 2 Release
On behalf of the L2Dawn team and everyone that has contributed, I am delighted to announce that the "Soon" has finally come and the beta 2 is now available to the public. For full instructions and new noteworthy options please see the notes below.

To join our beta server you will need the following:

1) Join our discord group Click here to join it!

Obtain the client:
For the full client, please use the link: Full client
For the system folder only, please use the link: System folder
For the Launcher, please use the link: Launcher

Usage instructions:
1) After the download is complete, extract the game and launch the L2DawnLauncher.exe from the main game directory.

[Image: game_folders.png]

2) To make an account and send commands to your character in game you will need to use our "L2Dawn Assistant" located in our Discord group in beta testing channel. For full instructions please visit:

3) To see if your reported issue has been updated or to check the general status of the beta progress, please consider visiting our

4) If you are experiencing any issues with the client, please read this topic first

Thank you for your patience. May Gran Kain smile on your journey!
HELL YEAHHHHHHHH... or not... I had 2 weeks days off till today and I am at work in 5 hours, fuck that timing. Atleast it's not launch.. I will join as soon as possible and try it out!!!

P.S Also I will be polite and say FUCK ALL OF YOU WHO DOUBTED.
FeelsBadMan Wave
Have another download option? This mega is crashing and now I can no longer download.
Unbelievable !! Downloading now to check out . :O
Dont report too much guys or live server will be delayed another year Tongue .

PS.: Thanks L2Dawn team <3
Mega download limit is 2.5 GB  cry cry cry cry cry cry
Finally :)) Rolleyes
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For Resistance!  Rolleyes

The time has come.
(10-25-2019, 02:50 AM)Medonho Wrote: Have another download option? This mega is crashing and now I can no longer download.
Olá Medonho, ver se vc consegue baixa por aqui:
Couldn't you just upload the patch/updater? Most people have the client already. Makes no sense to have to d/l the whole thing all over again.
le go!
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